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Sugar Plum



We just love ice cream!

After years of food trucking, we felt it was time to cross over into the sweet side of the business. The food truck season is during the warmer months, and we noticed a need for a truck like this.     

We offer hand dipped ice cream for the kids, and the kid within all of us. There is just something nostalgic about hand dipped ice cream. It was most of our first introduction into the world of frozen treats. We offer ice cream in cones, cups, and as sundaes too!


All the Big kids (yes that includes you) love a good milkshake. We offer the classics because, we know some ppl like to keep it simple. We also have some special favors like strawberry cheesecake, or mocha, for those who want be a little more adventurous. And for the over the top foodie ask about our stuffed shakes.


For those looking for a healthier option we offer fruit smoothies. We know that some people can not or choose not to eat dairy products. So  we offer gluten free, dairy free, soy free, fruit smoothies. Such a great option after finishing a 5k, or to start your day as breakfast.


We really just wanted to bring you a dessert truck that covered all of your frozen needs.

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The Sugar Plum

Ice cream - Milkshakes - Smoothies 

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